A & R Consultancy

The core of our business has always been music promotion and proliferation – this is the foundation of any plot. We have clear understanding of which producers are hot at club and destined to be at radio, separating those with hype and no substance. The Music market is fast evolving both with its sounds and trends and we identify those established and emerging, to offer our clients access to expand their target audience and demographic. We consult for many record labels from small independents through to the mighty majors, helping them piece together a music strategy to give their singles/albums maximum exposure. We work with all levels of budgets to give you the right producers/remixers for the desired outcome.

Go-Music have developed a formidable roster of talent with a consistently high success rate, but we don’t just recommend the producers we manage, every project is unique and requires its own different approach. Mixes are tools of exploitation and as our primary role is to promote many of the projects we commission these packages for, its obviously integral we construct the best for its objective. The ultimate goal here is maximum exposure for the Artist through the mechanic of the remix.

Current Clients include

>> Island

>> Columbia

>> Warners

>> Virgin

>> Epic

>> Atlantic

>> Polydor

>> Parlaphone

>> Geffen

>> Future

To check our roster of recent remixes visit our soundcloud below